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Undercover - Newsletter #Feb 2019

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Welcome back everyone and a special welcome to our first time visitors

I trust that everyone has settled into a brand new routine that incorporates all the recently decided upon, new year’s resolutions!!!!

Did you choose that one resolution for 2019 and are you sticking to it?

I find it so difficult to change my ways…even it is for a great new year’s or an excellent new project.

I suppose the key to be successful would be

1.) The strength of the MOTIVATION or the trigger or driving force behind the new plan.

2.) The details of the PROJECT PLANNING that we can easily do at work, but very seldom apply it closer to home.

3.) The existence of MEASURABLE Targets or goals to push and pull our minds, bodies and consciences into action.

4.) The clarity of the VISIONS of the FUTURE

In the end it is the established fact, the result or outcome that matters…

Not Reasons

No Excuses

Not Stories

Not Motives

May each one experience the satisfaction of a target reached and a goal accomplished!!

May work satisfaction and intrinsic motivation be abundant! May you have a super year to look back on with gratitude and the knowing that you did the BEST you could – even if your BEST might not be the same every day!!!


Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best

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